LAIKA'S ORBIT - Demo (12" EP) One-Sided

LAIKA'S ORBIT - Demo (12" EP) One-Sided

Stupid Bag Records

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Laika's Orbit hail from W. Mass (and Boston). This is a 1 sided 12" version of their 5 song demo tape from 2015. L.O. plays catchy, melodic, power pop, punk full of hooks and leads that "wail" or "rip" or even "shred". They like to have a good time, in fact I've never had a bad time with them around. Shane used to be edge.... never was if you ask Civ or Capo. I'm psyched that these chumps let their name be associated with Stupid Bag. It's gotta be a big disappointment for them, but they're strong. The'll persevere.



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