WINSTON HYTWR - As Per My Last Email (CASS)

WINSTON HYTWR - As Per My Last Email (CASS)

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I Yam Winston Hytwr from Columbus, Ohio. As Per My Last Email... is my 5th Solo release on cassette along with Too Close to Home (2016), Exploration Date (2017), The End of Ohio (2018) and Winston Hytwr’s Short Stories (2020).

APMLE was created thru lack of desire to play guitar. I’m feeling really deranged and stranged and want to send shockwaves into my brain. The story is frightened, the mood is enlightened


01. Majic
02. I Broke the Mold
03. Apart of It
04. Lt. Facelotion
05. Feelings
06. Give Strikes to Me
07. How Can I Argue With a Dream
08. The Sound We Make When Our Bodies Meet
09. Wet

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