EPIC DEBAUCHERY - Excess In Moderation              (CASS)

EPIC DEBAUCHERY - Excess In Moderation (CASS)

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These guys have played in tons of bands: Rosemary's Billygoat, Spinning Ceilings, E.Coli, Iambic Pentameter, Toys That Kill, Megahurts, The Law and the list goes on. This is one of the few bands that can pull Hollywood hipsters away from their iPhones and hold their attention for the set. When I asked Denis Fleps how he would describe the band he said, "Mid ’80s, Valley Girl rock, played by guys going through a mid-life crisis … too stubborn to turn down the volume and play real music." That sounds about right to me. One time in San Pedro, CA a girl came up to the guys after they played and said she loved the band, but had to leave because the vibrations were hurting her uterus. It turns out the guys got a bunch of free CRUNK energy drinks just before they played, and drank three each. As of late, I hear the boys have been hanging around Trader Joe’s scoring STEAZ energy drinks. So if you think you might be pregnant and you’re at an Epic Debauchery gig, get some earplugs for your uterus.

–Alan Velasco



01. Trash Digger 
02. It's All the Same 
03. Doreen 
04. Father Murphy 
05. Head Down 
06. Big Knob 
07. OK Then 
08. Now Lucy
09. Return o' the Dead
10. Lady Chatterly


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