BABY J - Looking For A Sign         (7" EP)

BABY J - Looking For A Sign (7" EP)

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Baby J, from the underrated Stoned At Heart – her electric band with the Underground Railroad To Candyland/Toys That Kill/porchcore dudes who found a killer sound somewhere between the band and “Bastards of Young” – goes acoustic solo on this EP. Turns out the louder she gets, the better it sounds. “World Is Winning” reminds me of Miguel Mendez, another South Bay songwriter who was rightfully wrapped up with Dios and who could do powerful crazy things with his own acoustic guitar. Frantic righteous guitar, lots of momentum, great sentiment (“What it really deserves is to burn …”) and great refrain (“Now look what has become of the world!”) and dramatic drum hits that make me think of Minutemen promising that they’d curse more if they heard mortar shells. “Ghetto Street” is “World”’s little friend – comes out slashing with harmonica and doesn’t let up, and you can fill in the drums and the amps in your own head, and they’d sound good, too. Of the softer ones, go with “Dope Smoker Clothes” – you can hear the marine layer settle as J sings about looking for roads where the cops don’t drive slow. The best parts on here have that come-along-fer-the-ride! joy that the Fugs had when they were honkin’ harmonicas and singing about dope and the world as they knew it, too.

–Chris Ziegler, L.A. Record



01. Ghetto Street 
02. World Is Winning 
03. I Apologize 
04. Looking for a Sign
05. Assed Out
06. Dope Smoker Clothes


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