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EXXTRAS, THE (Jack Brewer of Saccharine Trust) - Waiting For You (CASS)

Water Under the Bridge Records

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The Exxtras' music draws on a wide range of influences, from hardcore SoCal punk, to "British Invasion" classic rock, to '60s instrumental surf, to experimental music. But the end product, far from being all over the place stylistically, is a cohesive "edgy pop" sound that can only be described as "Exxtras Music."



01. Waiting For You
02. Frackin'
03. Jesus Stop Shaking the Stars
04. Killer
05. Tough In Torrance
06. When Waiting Calls
07. Helpless
08. My Kind of Guy
09. Piece of Shit Truck
10. Together Again
11. Stress and Genetics 
12. Dottie
13. Life Is Nothing (Without You)
14. The Rooster
15. Wondering About Things


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