YOUR PEST BAND - Automatic Aspiration (12")

YOUR PEST BAND - Automatic Aspiration (12")

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Brand new 12” record from Japan’s best (and most prolific) power-pop punks! Your Pest Band deliver 6 new songs of lo-fi garage punk that sounds like the Zombies jamming with the Clash. The amount of territory covered in this 12” is pretty amazing for being a mere 6 songs: from the vocal-shredding punk, to rocksteady, to laid back and melancholy garage rock. This is a split release with Snuffy Smiles Records in Japan.



01. Nah AH ah Ah 
02. Daddy Looks Frightened 
03. I Pawned My Soul 
04. Lucy Oh Lucy 
05. Wrong Side 
06. Common Law 
07. Like A Lamb 
08. Work and Wait


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• Marble Brown Vinyl
• Includes Download
• Includes Insert



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